Are andy and solbi dating in real life

After our 1st jib, our manager talked to us over drinks, and discussed our future plans if our 2nd jib didn't succeed.

Do you feel like you've learned a lot from your hyungs?

At the same time she must be understanding and be able to take care of the people around her.

CHJ: During the times when you were dating, were there any moments when you didn't have enough money?

Although I'd like to start conversations with the girls, I just can't do it.

Although you can say that's a good thing, but isn't it a little boring?

DJ Choi Hwa Jung meets Andy at a cafe in Gangnam on a sunny May afternoon for a chat."If Solbi possesses the qualities that I'm looking for in a girl, then I'll date here."CHJ: Let's talk a little more about this.

Andy: No particular special feelings CHJ: You two look compatible....

But then again, the girl might end up being involved in a scandal with someone else, then I'd end up moping at home eating and drinking soju by myself.

Andy: Two, one before my debut and one after my debut.

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